Our Honey

Ever wondered how we name our Honey?

Well, the suburb we have the hives in, the think of a word that starts with the same letter.



  • Moggill Montage - Honey local to Moggill. (Currently Not Available...)
  • Camp Mountain Comfort - Honey local to Camp Mountain. (Currently Not Available...)
  • Tivoli Treasure - Honey Local to Tivoli
  • Highfields Hunni - Local to Highfields (Toowoomba) (Currently Not Available...)
  • Kholo Kaleidoscope - Local to Kholo   (Currently Not Available...)
  • Beachmere Bliss - Local to Beachmere
  • Mount Crosby Creations - Local to Mount Crosby (Currently Not Available...)
  • Pullenvale Pleasure - Local to Pullenvale   (Currently Not Available...)
  • Samford Sensation - Local to Samford  (Currently Not Available...)
  • Burpengary Buzz - Local to Burpengary (Currently Not Available...) -New site pending


* Please email to confirm current availability, (orders @ moggillhoney.com.au


The name tells you where our Honey is from

Our Honey is local to its own area, as bees don't fly further than ~5km from their hives.


Our Honey is local bush honey, (it is not monofloral) As we don't move our hives around they are left static, this keeps the uniqueness to every batch, and the flavour is constantly changing. Our Honey is 100% Pure Honey from Our Own hives right here in South East Queensland, Raw, Cold Extracted, Never Heat treated, Minimal (one time) strained, Retains Pollen in the Honey, Nothing else added, Just Pure Honey!


We Guarantee Our Honey with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you don't like the Honey return it for a Full Refund! and all delivered free* to your door!


Many People Ask, Can We Pick-up From You In Moggill?

Unfortunately "No" we no longer live in Moggill and our Extraction Facility is also based elsewhere, we do still have hives located in Moggill, but unfortunately as we needed to expand while keeping costs at a reasonable price for our customers; there was no suitable premises in Moggill / Bellbowrie area. We still offer our Old Fashioned Service, Delivered directly to your door; at no additional charge.