1.5Kg Dark & Sweet Honey Bucket

Item Code: 15kgDark
Price:  $23.00

1.5Kg Dark & Sweet Honey Bucket

Item Code: 15kgDark
Price:  $23.00
Maximum : 6

1.5kg Bucket of Dark & Sweet Honey.


All of our honey is PURE AUSTRALIAN HONEY, we do not blend, mix, cut with syrups nor feed production hives sugar syrup. 


Thank-you for looking at our honey, During this online ordering process we are only offer Light or Dark Honey. Please select your preference & we will fulfil your order with a suitable product. If your after a particular suburb honey, you will need to email Fran with your Preferred suburb form our list as we don’t always have every suburb available so please email : orders@moggillhoney.com.au to confirm availability.  




Ever wondered how we name our Honey?

Well, the suburb we have the hives in, the think of a word that starts with the same letter.


Moggill Montage - Honey local to Moggill

Camp Mountain Comfort - Honey local to Camp Mountain

Tivoli Treasure - Honey Local to Tivoli

Highfields Hunni - Local to Highfields (Toowoomba) (Currently Not Available...)

Kholo Kaleidoscope - Local to Kholo

Beachmere Bliss - Local to Beachmere

Mount Crosby Creations - Local to Mount Crosby

Pullenvale Pleasure - Local to Pullenvale

Morayfield Magic - Local to Morayfield


* Please email to confirm current availability, (orders @ moggillhoney.com.au


The name tells you where our Honey is from

Our Honey is local to its own area, as bees don't fly further than ~5km from their hives.


Our Honey is local bush honey, (it is not monofloral) As we don't move our hives around they are left static, this keeps the uniqueness to every batch, and the flavour is constantly changing. Our Honey is 100% Pure Honey from Our Own hives right here in South East Queensland, Raw, Cold Extracted, Never Heat treated, Minimal (one time) strained, Retains Pollen in the Honey, Nothing else added, Just Pure Honey!.


 Because we don’t blend honey from different locations, which is what normally happens when honey packers sell honey, and we have 16 different locations that we have hives, each location produces honey that is unique to that particular location some produce dark honey, in saying this we refer to the colour that we check against the “Jacks Scale” which is a universal international honey grading scale and other locations produce a lighter colour honey, because we don’t ever blend our honey to mix it and make a processed product, we let the Bees make the Honey and what ever the Bees put in the Honey is what the product is. We don’t alter the Honey at all, so to try and give a guide to customers that have only ever bought supermarket honey before, some kind of a guide as to the type of honey they might enjoy and be to their taste, we offer light or dark honey. If we don’t have a choice of light or dark in stock then we only can offer what we have in stock, all our Honey is 100% Pure Australian Honey that is from our own hives. So I guess if you are referring to normal Australian Honey that is bought from a supermarket, honey that has been packed by a honey packer then that product would most likely have been blended to a set formula that they know is acceptable as a table honey that consumers have always bought. Hope this helps