Moggill Honey (F & M Beekeepers)

We are Moggill Honey & also known as F & M Beekeepers.


We are local beekeepers; originally we were concerned with the decline of honey bees and their shortage worldwide. Then when the 2011 floods hit, we decided to think globally and act locally and building bee numbers in our Local Moggill Area. We started with 2 hives on Priors Pocket Rd & At that time living in Moggill we acquired a few more hives and also had them on our site on Priors Pocket Rd. We were soon offered a site at Upper Brookfield where we had 2 Hives.


Soon after, we were talking with some close friends who were concerned with their general Health & Wellbeing, and one being a Naturopath & the other a Health & wellness Coach, made the comment to us, “How hard it was to find local Honey.” & they continued to explain the health benefits of honey from in your immediate area.


From there we started placing bee hives in back yards in different suburbs when we were able to split off another hive.


We started to offer free delivery on our orders and the convenience this offered for our customers we have continued to offer this. We offer free delivery from the Caboolture to Logan, and out to Ironbark (Just west of Ipswich)and we generally deliver once every week. This will expand as we are asked to deliver to more places.


Moggill Honey is not Organic Certified, but we do run on Organic Principals. But since we are such a small producer, at this time, obtaining full Organic Certification would an additional cost at this time just increasing the selling price.


As we are a Husband & Wife team; and we do everything ourselves from tending to the hives, extracting the honey from our hives, to bottling & delivering our honey to your door. Please understand we cannot be online 24/7 to answer questions, but we do try to answer them as soon as we can. Also we deliver all our honey ourselves to our customers, please understand we cannot give exact times we will be on your door step, but we will tell you the day we will be there, we can text you when we are close if you like.