Our Names are Fran & Mark, We are the Beekeepers, the Honey Extractors, the Honey Bottlers, the Order Delivery Drivers. We try very hard to take your phone call, but the easiest and quickest way to get a reply for you is to Email us.  Thank-you Fran & Mark 


Please send an EMAIL to orders@moggillhoney.com.au  We will respond within 24 hours, but generally much sooner, (if you don't receive a reply please check your junk mail first then re-send your query).


0409 656 240 (email preferred, then SMS)


Email - The Best way to reach Us!!!

And the fastest way to receive a response.



P.O. Box 3125,

West Ipswich Qld 4305


Our Facebook Page


Please Note; If you have a microsoft free email account (Hotmail, Live, Etc) please check your junk mail for your invoice or email reply from us. If you could add orders@moggillhoney.com.au to your safe senders list, that would be great as microsoft send our emails directly to junk mail.