550g Blue Gum Squeeze

550g Blue Gum Squeeze

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This is our Blue Label “Blue Gum” Honey

This is for a lighter honey colour, its medium flavour is produced by bees feeding on the Blue Gum Eucalyptus, collected away from suburbia.


All of our honey is PURE AUSTRALIAN HONEY, we do not blend, mix, cut with syrups nor feed production hives sugar syrup. 

Our Honey is 100% Pure Honey, Raw, Cold Extracted, Never Heat treated, Minimal (one time) strained, Retains Pollen in the Honey, Nothing else added, Just Pure Honey!


When the drought hit our business hard; and honey production dwindled to almost zero, we decided that in view of our long term goals and ethics of not feeding our bees sugar syrup (we don’t want to taint our honey) We want you, our customer to have our product as it should be, unadulterated and pure just as nature intended. We also had static hives since the beginning, but as food sources dried up like the rain, we knew we needed to start moving some of our bees to sustain bee numbers and produce some honey for our loyal customers.