4 pack of Lip Balms

4 pack of Lip Balms

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This 4 Pack is for 1 of each of the 4 flavours. 


For a few years now many of our customers have been asking me did we have any plans to make skin creams or lip balms etc.

Should we be temporary out of stock on one / any flavour another may be substituted. 



Yes it has always been our intention to do so as Beeswax is widely used in these kinds of products, so having our own source of Beeswax that we know we can trust is a pure product, it is a natural progression to do so.

Beeswax is made by the Bees so it is a product full of all kinds of nutrients and enzymes; it has great moisturising properties and acts as a waterproofing agent. So when applied to the skin it helps to retain moisture into the skin that might otherwise be lost when the skin is exposed to the elements such as sun and wind and cold.

When mixed with other raw ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Shea Butter and Essential Oils this makes up the basis for some good nutritious “food” for your skin.

As we are all about the “All Natural” approach here at “Moggill Honey” it is important to us to keep within the guidelines of our beliefs.

Besides that I personally (Fran) have always sourced natural products to use on my skin over the years, so the products that we offer for sale to our customers, have to be products that I would be happy to use myself on my own skin.

With all this in mind we have our first addition to our “All Natural” skin care range.

Lip Balm: at the moment we have 4 flavours, being, Peppermint, Lavander, Cinnamon and Natural

Coming soon we will expand our flavour range and also in keeping with our doing things different to traditional flavouring, we will be adding new and exciting flavours that you might have never had in a Lip Balm before.

You can be assured that we are offering the best quality raw ingredients in our products along with our very own Beeswax from our own hives right here in the South East Queensland. 100% Pure Just as Nature Intended Beeswax. 100% Australian Beeswax.