Thank-you for your enquiry, So you have been thinking for a while that you would like to have bees in your garden. It is a great opportunity and your garden & surrounding gardens will also thank you.

Firstly there are many considerations that need to be taken into account.

Land size, really you need to have over 4000m2 but acreage is preferable. Minimum number of hives for consideration of placement is 10, but preference is given to places where more hives can be placed & placing more there if suitable honey flows happen.

Ideally preference is given to existing customers. We do need to expand hive numbers at each site to cover the costs of maintaining hives and honey production, you of course as numbers increase receive more honey! It is your responsibility to talk to you neighbours before proceeding, as they might not like your intention to Foster Bee Hives, if it is likely to cause problem it is better not to have the hives placed. Also what council do you come under as a few Qld councils are not bee friendly, their loss. Please be aware that hives can have up to 80 000 bees in them, this can make a great sight when they are working well but you will have extra bees around your garden. We are wanting long term placements as we are transitioning in commercial beekeeping and need to cover our expenses in maintaining & operating the bee hives we ask for a minimum commitment of 12 months. In return you will receive a percentage of the honey crop for that season from your property. Fostering a Bee Hive is a great way to increase bees in your garden and pollinate your plants without the expense or the need to learn how to maintain a hive. Bees need to be away from the house and animals and children, there will be a lot of bees flying in and out of the hives and it is best if the hive is placed away from high traffic areas also.

We do need vehicle access to the site where the bees will be located also.




This can result in stings to you but also could kill, chill or weaken the hive.

We are happy to show you inside the beehive when the weather conditions are suitable & protective clothing worn. We need to access the bees in all-weather unfortunately this is a hazard of the job, but we will advise if it is not suitable for you to look in with us. (poor weather makes bees cranky & likelihood of stings are increased)

We do require vehicle access to the hive site & we require access on short / no notice sometimes.

If you think you might know someone else that may be interested in having bee hives on their property, please, before you say anything to them could you have the courtesy to ask us first if you can pass on our details, we might not be looking for sites in their area. Thank-you for your understanding.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please email your interest to:

We will be happy to discuss or answer any questions you may have.


Currently we are looking for host sites in the following areas.

Anstead, Brookfield, Yamanto, Kenmore, The Gap, Bribie Island,Mango Hill, Griffin, Larapinta, Forestdale, Greenbank, Springfield, Ripley, Purga, Willowbank.  


If your area isn't listed, please do enquire, we might just be interested, there are a lot of suburbs to mention & some may have slipped our look. 



Fran & Mark

Moggill Honey